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Flinders University Library Unstacked

Flinders University Library Unstacked  is an intersection of data, visual communication and library science. It displays and interprets usage of the university‚Äôs scholarly resources in real-time, communicating the scale, breadth and depth of library usage activity that is otherwise invisible. This usage includes the learning, teaching and research use of the scholarly resources, reflecting the varying needs of our library community.

Each time someone looks at a book, journal or another scholarly resource, it is reflected in the visualisation. Unstacked  shows the relative level of Library usage activity as it happens, mapping these items to discipline clusters aligned with Flinders University Colleges, so you can see usage of scholarly resources in more detail.

This project is a collaboration between the Flinders University Library and the Unstacked  team led by Elisa Lee; with special acknowledgement to UNSW Library for their mapping expertise.

© Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw 2022.

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A real-time visualisation of scholarly resources from the Flinders University Library accessed each day.

When someone clicks on a record in the Library's online catalogue, this display updates by counting every view and showing the related College.

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